Welcome to Reed Pottery

I recently moved my Pottery when we bought a new house. It was a good time of renewal and cleaning as well as organizing my space better. I was able to grow my space to about double the original size as well as improve with hot and cold running water. A friend wanted to see me new Pottery so I made a quick video to show him.

Overall I like it and have hosted an open house as well as a NW Clay Club gathering so all is well. I like to call it a Pottery instead of a studio as I like to think of it as an old English Pottery, and call it Reed Pottery. However it is just a humble garage, but a guy can dream.

Just to help with some comments, yes I am going to cover the glaze buckets once I start to use them. I also am going to build a better center work table with a nice tempered Masonite top to replace the folding table. Yes I have carbon monoxide sensors both in the garage and in the house. When I fire I open the outside door to help with the chimney draft. I still need to finish repairing one wheel and get my kiln vent put in.

None of that has stopped me from working and I am already being productive and need to make more ware boards. Enjoy the video and leave a comment to let me know how you liked it or if you have concerns or ideas on how to make it better.

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Feb NW Clay Club Gathering Announcement

Gathering Announcement
Northwest Clay Club will be having a Feb gathering at Brian Reeds Studio in Snohomish, WA. I like to call the place “Reed Pottery”; it makes it sound like an old English production pottery, which I would very much like to emulate if I could. However do not be fooled it is simple a humble space in my garage of about 400 sqft. I will get the address up one week before the event and would appreciate if you could let me know by commenting on this post that you will be attending. That way I can plan on refreshments.
I would like to demonstrate some new slip trailing glaze applications that I have been playing with and have been turning out well lately. I may even talk about some trimming as I also love that as well.

It is a completely social gathering and hope to exchange ideas and some laughs, please come and help develop this crazy idea of Northwest Clay Club.

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My first Instructional Video

This is my first attempt at an instructional video of my chattering technique. A friend of mine has a great camera and I just used Movie Maker for the editing. I was asked to make the video as a supplement to an article I was asked to write for Ceramics Monthly for their Tips and Tricks section. Enjoy.

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Wabi Sabi

Cup and Image used from “http://www.motherearthnews.com”

Through an online contact Shiho Kanzaki he shared a little article that was written about Wabi-Sabi which Kanzakisan says is, “The essence of beauty in Japan.” Please take a look, this is the same experience I had when I lived in Japan and on my many visits. I only wish we could have a little more Wabi-Sabi in our area, maybe starting to acknowledge others is a good start. Look at an everyday item and examine why we use it and perhaps exchange it for a more aesthetic replacement item.

Finding beauty in everyday things is the cornerstone of Wabi Sabi. We should look at our pots and try and understand the journey we and the clay is going through to provide a vessel that is pleasing. Recently I tried to emulate the making of teabowl (Chewans) in the Japanese style of throwing off the hump and really trying to connect with the activity. (I will share the pictures in a later post) While mine do not tell the same story that Kanzakisan does they do say something. I took the time to feel the clay and tried to really move in a spontaneous way when forming, trimming, and glazing them.

Shiho Kanzaki Website The pictures are grainy, but you can still see the beauty.

Wabi Sabi: Wednesday

Wabi Sabi: Finding the beauty

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Call for Gathering Event Hosts

I am trying to get together some studios for the monthly planned gatherings. I am planning on having my studio as the Feb place and I talked to Lance Roberts about having his be the March studio gathering. They will both be informal affairs, with chips and dip, maybe some drinks. The plan is to have the host talk through their studio, some of their work and maybe do a demo or two.
I still need a volunteer for the January gathering, and then one for April and June.
So far there is the schedule for the next six months. Details will be published right before each event.
Jan – TBD
Feb 15th – Gathering at Brian Reed’s Studio in Snohomish
March – Gathering at Lance Roberts Studio in Seattle
April – TBD
May – Simon Leach Workshop http://nwclayclub.com/?page_id=6
June – TBD
If you would like a gathering at your studio please contact Brian Reed brianreed@live.com

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GoldMark on Youtube

I just enjoyed watching a series of youtube videos that were very well put together that highlights some extrodinary potters. There are 8 videos in all and they are about 20 minute each.

Makes we really want to try some wood firing. Unfortuately even though we are in Washington the “Evergreen” state there are not alot of wood fired potters. We shal see about getting something going. Perhaps this is a good project for Northwest clay club. Find some local materials and local slips and build a wood fired kiln using local wood. I think it would be awesome.

You never know.

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Lance Roberts Studio Opening – Seattle, WA

Lidded box

This Following event was sent to me and I wanted to forward to all of you. Lance has been a potter for over 30 years in our area and has many pieces in private and corporate collections.

Studio Opening! (and Holiday sale!) My First in My New Place. Save the date!
Public Event • By Lance Roberts

Friday, December 14, 2012

4:00pm until 9:00pm

Lance Roberts Pottery/Ginny Conrow Porcelain 1429 34th Ave. Seattle 98122

You!! You are invited to share in my First Studio opening in over 20 years! I am in a sweet little set up in the lovely Madrona Neighborhood in Seattle. The opening will be from 4 to 9 on Friday December 14th. There will be refreshments and eats (feel free to bring extras but I am not driving you home) and of course pottery for sale!! The show will continue Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5. Come and experience Madrona with it’s wine shops and restaurants and count them” 2 ” Ice cream shops! Bring friends and come help me play! 253 232 9443

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Birth of a Clay Club

Hands in Clay
The Birth of a new Clay Club is an exciting time for a new Clay Club Parent. You need to nurture the club and expect only reasonable things from it. My goal is to create a social clay club where we can meet and talk about clay and art in a social way. There are no memberships or membership fees associated with the group. It is a social club for potters in the Northwest. Just like the beginning of a new pot as depicted above this club is still being centered and opened, come be a part of the pulling and the forming of this club!
A group of potters in the Pacific Northwest who gather and socialize to promote clay art in our communities.
Expect to have a monthly Gathering at someone’s studio where there will be chips and dip and perhaps something to drink. The host will talk about their studio and their work and even show us a new technique or demo one of their existing techniques. It is meant to be fun and social. Then at least once a year we will have a big event. Here is a list of the upcoming gatherings
Feb 15th will be a gathering at Brian Reeds (Reedpottery.com) studio.
Then our big yearly event will be a Hands on Workshop with Simon Leach on May 6-9th. You can find the specifics on the NW Clay Club promotion pageNW Clay Club promotion page.

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