Northwest Clay Club is a non-membership social club. We do not have formal membership and therefore do not have any membership dues. Every aspect of the club is driven and organized by the individuals that attend the gatherings and events. So come to an event and see what we do and how it works.

This is how I want my Clay Club to start, and we shall see how it goes. I already have 4 people who I meet with and have talked to about 4 others, if this is as big as our clay club ever gets that is just fine with us. The goal is not to grow a big group, but collectively learn and grow individually. We will meet at each other’s studios once a month for coffee, chips and dip, and do something fun together once a year.

We will try and meet every month even if just for coffee, but hope that we have some more informal gatherings at participant’s studios. We want informal affairs with chips and dip and perhaps some drinks. At every studio event we hope that the host will walk us through a new technique or something that they are working on. Again we want it to be social and engaging, but not a lecture or a seminar.

So what do you think? I hope you will come to a gathering and see what it is all about. We want to promote pottery, both functional and non-functional. There is such a lively group of potters in our area and want to create a place where we come together. Jump in!

If you have questions please email Brian

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  1. I like your idea. Do you have a Spokane branch or know people over here who would be interested in organizing one?


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