Wabi Sabi

Cup and Image used from “http://www.motherearthnews.com”

Through an online contact Shiho Kanzaki he shared a little article that was written about Wabi-Sabi which Kanzakisan says is, “The essence of beauty in Japan.” Please take a look, this is the same experience I had when I lived in Japan and on my many visits. I only wish we could have a little more Wabi-Sabi in our area, maybe starting to acknowledge others is a good start. Look at an everyday item and examine why we use it and perhaps exchange it for a more aesthetic replacement item.

Finding beauty in everyday things is the cornerstone of Wabi Sabi. We should look at our pots and try and understand the journey we and the clay is going through to provide a vessel that is pleasing. Recently I tried to emulate the making of teabowl (Chewans) in the Japanese style of throwing off the hump and really trying to connect with the activity. (I will share the pictures in a later post) While mine do not tell the same story that Kanzakisan does they do say something. I took the time to feel the clay and tried to really move in a spontaneous way when forming, trimming, and glazing them.

Shiho Kanzaki Website The pictures are grainy, but you can still see the beauty.

Wabi Sabi: Wednesday

Wabi Sabi: Finding the beauty

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