Birth of a Clay Club

Hands in Clay
The Birth of a new Clay Club is an exciting time for a new Clay Club Parent. You need to nurture the club and expect only reasonable things from it. My goal is to create a social clay club where we can meet and talk about clay and art in a social way. There are no memberships or membership fees associated with the group. It is a social club for potters in the Northwest. Just like the beginning of a new pot as depicted above this club is still being centered and opened, come be a part of the pulling and the forming of this club!
A group of potters in the Pacific Northwest who gather and socialize to promote clay art in our communities.
Expect to have a monthly Gathering at someone’s studio where there will be chips and dip and perhaps something to drink. The host will talk about their studio and their work and even show us a new technique or demo one of their existing techniques. It is meant to be fun and social. Then at least once a year we will have a big event. Here is a list of the upcoming gatherings
Feb 15th will be a gathering at Brian Reeds ( studio.
Then our big yearly event will be a Hands on Workshop with Simon Leach on May 6-9th. You can find the specifics on the NW Clay Club promotion pageNW Clay Club promotion page.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Hey there! Joel told me about your club!
    Wow!! I am very impressed! I will defiantly be keeping an eye on this site! Love your studio set up, you live close to me, don’t you? I’d love to visit it. Does your wife still work at the school by the Chase bank? Busy week I bet with the Leaches in town, Good luck to you as you continue your endeavors! Alicia

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