Welcome to Reed Pottery

I recently moved my Pottery when we bought a new house. It was a good time of renewal and cleaning as well as organizing my space better. I was able to grow my space to about double the original size as well as improve with hot and cold running water. A friend wanted to see me new Pottery so I made a quick video to show him.

Overall I like it and have hosted an open house as well as a NW Clay Club gathering so all is well. I like to call it a Pottery instead of a studio as I like to think of it as an old English Pottery, and call it Reed Pottery. However it is just a humble garage, but a guy can dream.

Just to help with some comments, yes I am going to cover the glaze buckets once I start to use them. I also am going to build a better center work table with a nice tempered Masonite top to replace the folding table. Yes I have carbon monoxide sensors both in the garage and in the house. When I fire I open the outside door to help with the chimney draft. I still need to finish repairing one wheel and get my kiln vent put in.

None of that has stopped me from working and I am already being productive and need to make more ware boards. Enjoy the video and leave a comment to let me know how you liked it or if you have concerns or ideas on how to make it better.

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