Feb NW Clay Club Gathering Announcement

Gathering Announcement
Northwest Clay Club will be having a Feb gathering at Brian Reeds Studio in Snohomish, WA. I like to call the place “Reed Pottery”; it makes it sound like an old English production pottery, which I would very much like to emulate if I could. However do not be fooled it is simple a humble space in my garage of about 400 sqft. I will get the address up one week before the event and would appreciate if you could let me know by commenting on this post that you will be attending. That way I can plan on refreshments.
I would like to demonstrate some new slip trailing glaze applications that I have been playing with and have been turning out well lately. I may even talk about some trimming as I also love that as well.

It is a completely social gathering and hope to exchange ideas and some laughs, please come and help develop this crazy idea of Northwest Clay Club.

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  1. Patti Stoll says:

    Hope you all had a great gathering! I live on the “other side of the pond” from you (Kitsap County), so it wouldn’t be easy to attend the gatherings. And then, there’s the fact that my kind of clays are total different, in nature, to yours. I work with polymer clay and, more recently, am learning to fire base and precious metal clays. I found your site because I have a little ceramic firing request from my mother and am trying to learn enough to see if I can do it for her in my kiln. I always like to see some social learning activities going on like this, when and if I ever decide to dive into ceramics and pottery more deeply. Good luck!

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