Weekly Open Studio at Reed Pottery

Starting this month I have opened up my studio every Tuesday for local potters to come and stop by to meet up with other local potters so do some work, exchange ideas and generally socialize. I find it refreshing to meet up and share what we are working on. I have been doing this with two local potters and it has worked out great so we thought we would expand the invite to others.

Please contact me if you are interested.

email me at brianreed@live.com

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Amazing Icheon Master videos

I came across these videos published last year from the American Museum of Ceramic Art. They are just beautifully filmed with very nice production. I hope they will publish more.

AMOCA youtube videos

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Clay Resources from Alfred

Norm Stuart turned me onto some great resources published from Alfred University. Please go here and take a look. They include everything but glaze formulation.


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Making a home made Oxy Probe

I have been firing in gas for the past year + and have been doing cone 10 reduction which has been working fine. However I think I am wasting gas by over reducing and wanted to purchase a oxygen probe to relaly see how much I am wasting and correct it. However at $800 a oxy probe is out of my reach right now. Then I came across a home made version that I could build for about $50. What do you think should I give it a try?


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New Videos

I am going to really try and get more videos up. I added some new ones to the right, and there are even more on my youtube channel

Reed Pottery YouTube Channel

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Simon Leach Lecture / Q&A / Book Signing May 7th

What – Lecture / Q&A / Book Signing with Simon Leach as well as a celebration of Larry and Judy Bruning being a local Pottery for 30 years.

Where – 115 Avenue D Snohomish, WA (about 35 minute drive north from Seattle)

When – Tuesday May 7th at 6PM

Cost – Free to anyone who wants to stop by. There are going to be light refreshments served

Simon Leach is going to be at Bruning Pottery May 6-9th conducting some workshops and we wanted to bring local potters in to have an opportunity to meet Simon and help Larry and Judy celebrate their 30 years in business. We do not really know what to expect; it may be an intimate affair or it could be an all-out cramped standing room only kind of affair.

Simon is going to share some information about his life journey in clay as well as some information about his father and grandfather. He also has a new book and if you already have it bring it to be signed, Bruning Pottery has a very limited stock of Simon’s new book, so if you want one you will need to get one from their gallery area first thing upon arriving.

Direction to Bruning Pottery

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Simon Leach Workshop All Set!

The stage is set and the lights are primed for the Simon Leach workshop in Snohomish, WA May 6-9th. I have sent email back and forth with many of the students and everyone is getting excited. My team has made all the arrangements now it is time to execute!

For all the students I have a cool surprise for you when you arrive and I hope you all like it, I would. Simon is set to arrive the weekend before so he will be well rested and ready to teach. They are long days of sitting at the wheel for everyone so please come prepared to work hard and stay hydrated with a water bottle. We have a water cooler for you to refill often and drink…I will be reminding everyone often of this.

I wanted to give everyone that reads my blog a sneak peek of something that may get big and out of control. We are going to have a public lecture and Q&A session with Simon on Tuesday May 7th at Bruning Pottery starting at 6PM. Simon has prepared some slides and will take some questions from the attendees. There are also going to be a small supply of Simon’s new book for sale where you can get it signed by him; I doubt there will be many left so if you want one arrive and go straight to the gallery to pick one up. There will be some light refreshments and an introduction to Bruning Pottery given by Larry to talk about their 30 years in the business. We anticipate that we could have between 10 and 100 people coming…I know a big spread because we simply do not know. It may be standing room only so come prepared for anything. More information will be posted here in the next few days, so check back to see.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the event. Can’t Wait to meet all of the participants!

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Welcome to Reed Pottery

I recently moved my Pottery when we bought a new house. It was a good time of renewal and cleaning as well as organizing my space better. I was able to grow my space to about double the original size as well as improve with hot and cold running water. A friend wanted to see me new Pottery so I made a quick video to show him.

Overall I like it and have hosted an open house as well as a NW Clay Club gathering so all is well. I like to call it a Pottery instead of a studio as I like to think of it as an old English Pottery, and call it Reed Pottery. However it is just a humble garage, but a guy can dream.

Just to help with some comments, yes I am going to cover the glaze buckets once I start to use them. I also am going to build a better center work table with a nice tempered Masonite top to replace the folding table. Yes I have carbon monoxide sensors both in the garage and in the house. When I fire I open the outside door to help with the chimney draft. I still need to finish repairing one wheel and get my kiln vent put in.

None of that has stopped me from working and I am already being productive and need to make more ware boards. Enjoy the video and leave a comment to let me know how you liked it or if you have concerns or ideas on how to make it better.

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Feb NW Clay Club Gathering Announcement

Gathering Announcement
Northwest Clay Club will be having a Feb gathering at Brian Reeds Studio in Snohomish, WA. I like to call the place “Reed Pottery”; it makes it sound like an old English production pottery, which I would very much like to emulate if I could. However do not be fooled it is simple a humble space in my garage of about 400 sqft. I will get the address up one week before the event and would appreciate if you could let me know by commenting on this post that you will be attending. That way I can plan on refreshments.
I would like to demonstrate some new slip trailing glaze applications that I have been playing with and have been turning out well lately. I may even talk about some trimming as I also love that as well.

It is a completely social gathering and hope to exchange ideas and some laughs, please come and help develop this crazy idea of Northwest Clay Club.

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My first Instructional Video

This is my first attempt at an instructional video of my chattering technique. A friend of mine has a great camera and I just used Movie Maker for the editing. I was asked to make the video as a supplement to an article I was asked to write for Ceramics Monthly for their Tips and Tricks section. Enjoy.

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